Le Breton Engineering was established in Febuary 2012. Evolving from Le Breton Plant Services which was a one man band of Stephen Le Breton.

In order to look after our customers better we needed more capacity in space, people, stock and skills. To address all these requirments we moved into our unit at Withybush on the 1st of May 2012.

Since that time we have been steadily growing our business and giving more customers the service and products they require.

We serve the Agriculture, Foresty, Marine, Recycling, Renewable Energy and Manufacturing industries as well as numerous other customers. Our stocking policy is to keep all the things we use and the things we thing we will use. It is great when we supply a customer with an item they needed but did nit expect to find.

Our enthusiastic team are;



Alanna keeps all the admin in order and makes sure the rest of us are organised.




Stephen is Managing Director. And is the guy who is writing this, so any feed back is welcome.

Stephen at Le Breton Engineering

Stephen at Le Breton Engineering